Poor Harper, her brother spilled his pancake batter in her. There will be 1 more sex scene and then I will be bringing this comic to a close (maybe 5 more pages), is fun but it was never meant to be a long running thing.

Uh oh, the mask isn’t the only failing piece of protective gear tonight…


Uh oh, dad is busted.


Some more incest for you guys ๐Ÿ˜€



Currently there are only 2 more pages coming for this comic, but only 6$ shy of adding a third. So if you want to see more of the two of them fucking, please consider donating to the site.



Those are some massive mammaries hiding behind that hoodie… Devin seems to like them :D. Along with the Jordan comic threshold being met, this comic has also hit the next page mark. Now it will be at least 7 pages total. Next weeks page will quickly get through oral so everyone can finally get to see these two twins tango.


This was the original end I wrote for this. I originally posted it as a comment in the Incest comics subreddit, but liked the idea enough that I wanted to draw it myself. Now thanks to some awesome people’s donations it will continue on and actually show the 2 of them having sex together. Currently it is expanded to 6 pages total (3 more), but you can still donate to my Ko-fi to extend that further. Every 50$ total donated adds another page.


been experimenting with lighting and shadows, happy with how her ass in the first panel came out (put a gradient on it) and the eyes in the finger wagging with the shadow from the hat brim.

Harper is a regular Macgyver.


Donate to the site with Ko-fi for every 50$ raised I will add another page to this oneshot (there are 2 more pages coming regardless). Also each day that there is a donation I will post a sketch of Harper and Devin having sex together.

Will update this each Wednesday.