There are a bunch of people that brought you this perversion (too many to credit here), but 2 in particular I’d like to thanks specifically.

Msquared, for both the original commission and countless donations since, and for really helping urge others to help too. Thanks man.

T, for really stepping up and getting it to the 300$ threshold. Be sure to check your email and let me know what you want commissioned. As you can see from this, I try my best to please with commissions.

And anyone else interested, 50$ gets you a commissioned page of whatever you want to see. 2 dicks in a pussy? 10 dicks in a pussy. The worlds the limit. All you got to do is donate to my Kofi, and the next big thing is only 300$ away, it too is a one shot of Jordan, but this time she will be getting Zoe’s fist in one hole and Abi’s fist in the other.

Also if you like it, maybe consider supporting my Sponsus, Jordan appears bi monthly in new ILMB pages, exclusive to my Sponsus supporters.