These are from a one shot I was messing around with on a night I couldn’t sleep, and my internet was down. Was going to be a girl losing her virginity to her grandpa who tricked her into thinking he was dementia dreaming of his wife, and she went with it feeling bad for him, not knowing it was a ruse he’d tried with others… Probably will never go back and finish it as I have such a constant workload. Only did it that night because all I had for reference on my computer was a porno of Dolly Little.

So I am swamped with work, Pretty much need to get MORE than a page a day for the next 2 weeks to get to the Rose commission. I am eager to attempt it, been getting much better at working quicker since moving Zoe up to bi-weekly. It used to take about 12-15hrs per page, usually now I can get a Zoe page done in about 8 hours and these commission pages usually (except when nothing goes right) in about 5-6hrs.

Much of why I am plugging my Kofi so much is because I am treating this like a full time job, and even though I was stoked when I realized that between Kofi and Sponsus I’ve made about 350$ in the past 30 days, that is still nowhere near a livable income and I see the light, I want THIS to be my job. I love drawing this stuff for you guys. If you love what you see, but would like something more tailor suited please consider commissioning me to draw it for you. I’m not a prude, and will draw whatever you fantasize about seeing here. If 50$ is too much I also am fine with breaking it up a bit if you want to give 25 for 2 months and then commission me, one of my readers suggested I make something like that on Kofi or Sponsus to simplify things. And if you aren’t interested but still want to show the site some love and open up some of these one shots for public view, 3$ on Kofi goes a long way (especially when a LOT of people give that :D) a 3$ donation both goes in the pool to open up more stuff and also nets you a month of access to the VIP section.

Also because of being so swamped I am opening this post up to more than just the sketches for Panty Protection. I am sketching things every day (especially considering I need to get more than a page done each day) and am going to show whatever I am working on that I think you guys will enjoy. Today was a peak at 2 of the commissioned one shots I am in the planning and sketching stages of. The first is Zoe’s children losing their virginity together (while mom and dad watch from outside gardening). The second is Rose (Damien’s short fling when Zoe went off fucking Caleb) auditioning for a porno while trying to break big in Hollywood as an actress. It is a casting couch for a Golden Shower porno.


Again I don’t have anything more to show with Panty Protection so I am showing off a sketch of the commission arc I am doing for Thor of Zoe’s son and daughter. He has asked for them to be twins, so that makes 2 one shots right now of guys deflowering and impregnating their twin sisters 😀 and the world needs many more stories of that subject in my opinion.

this is from a commissioned arc of pregnant Zoe having sex with Damien. The finished one shot will be made available to everyone if 126$ is made by the end of the month. YOU CAN DO IT!!! -crazy redneck guy in Waterboy.

This is from a one shot that I worked on during a sleepless night without internet. It is of a girl losing her virginity to her grandpa. Might finish this if I still feel like it after everything else is done, but got a LOT on my plate right now.

This is from a new commissioned one shot I am also working on of Zoe’s children having sex together, meet Bathory Zoe’s daughter and Alucard her son. Bathory is losing her virginity to her brother in the tub that is in the shower from the current Zoe arc, and Zoe is totally a soccer mom watching on with pride from the window, Damien is a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing but is the supportive husband and father.

If these sound awesome to you, remember you too can commission things, and if it is a concept that I can build off of, and or if you are a avid supporter I may take your idea and run with it and build a whole big arc around the thing you ask for. The pregnant one was just asking for a drawing of Zoe pregnant in the position that was shown in the first sketch of Harper (looking back smiling while reverse cowgirl), and I turned it into a 4 pages story of her being proposed to. The Bathory and Alucard one was just a page of Zoe’s children having sex and the daughter getting impregnated, and I again am turning that into a 4 page story building them up a bit as characters so they can feel like they exist in the world of Zoe and trying to get a bit of what their personalities are being raised in that household. You too can get a commission for only 50$ per page (but again I may run with it and make it longer than a page at no additional cost if it is something with my characters that I can get behind).


weird I guess I didn’t hit the update button yesterday so the last page never went live. well here are 2 for you today then 😀 If it is hard to make out the top shows that she is having twins adding insult to injury with being pregnant.

realized this one hadn’t been posted yet, and it was one of my favorite sketches. 2 weeks to get the meter to 450$ to open up the Pregnant Zoe sex arc.


Did this up yesterday, It’s Devin getting a good look at his sisters hymen that he is about to penetrate. There is still time to donate and get this comic going longer, currently it is at 7pgs and is only 6$ from hitting the threshold to taking it to 8pgs.



Please consider giving to the Kofi. Now on top of more of these sketches, more pages of Panty Protection, and gaining yourself access to the VIP section, I am also adding the possibility of unlocking a one shot ENDING to the Zoe story. Pregnant Zoe being proposed to by Damien and then having sex with him. It will be made public if the meter hits 450$ by the end of June (just under 3 weeks). Doesn’t Zoe deserve a happy ending for her and Damien? You can help everyone see it by just chipping in 3$ to the Kofi


Completely forgot about posting yesterday, sorry, it was the PS5 reveal and my sleep schedule has been completely out of whack as I try to change from sleeping from about 9am-5-6pm to being up before noon as I got a lot of family stuff lined up this week that requires me awake for daylight…
So to make up for yesterday (and because I have mostly run out of sketches) I am posting the next page’s sketch. Pretty sure it shouldn’t change from this, as I am pretty happy with the layout and shots, but still a work in progress and I might change things before it posts Wednesday. Dialogue especially might change, as that is all just placeholder to convey what I want to get across with the page.


This goes along with the already posted sketch of the mom and dad in the doorway talking to them. Because of T the sketches will keep on coming (so will they). 29 in the queue.


unused sketch from page 5, which I sketched up last night. 20 more drawings in the queue, donations have petered out, who’s going to be the champion that gets everyone a one shot of Jordan getting 3 penis’ in 2 holes? Only 30 dollars till everyone gets that.


as requested a titfuck drawing.


Working on page 4 and this was going to be a part of it, but had to cut it to make everything less cramped. Don’t worry she will still let her pillows out for air in the next page.



Because of an awesome guy named Francis (not sure if he prefers Ajax) the queue is at 23 more to cum. We are also now only 30$ shy of the 300$ point and the Jordan one shot.



As kids Harper would always want to play with her brothers toys… some things don’t change.


Thanks to a generous donation from Chris the queue is back up to 25 pages. Gunna have to start sketching some more, so if you guys want to see something let me know.


As twin’s everyone always said Harper and Devin were close…


The donations have now added 3 additional pages to this one host (taking it from 3, to 6). Remember every 50$ collectively given adds an additional page to the one shot. Also it is less than 50$ until the Jordan Gangbang one shot becomes available.


Harper is getting filled up


You guys seemed to like her tits so sketched these up yesterday. Remember by donating to the Ko-fi more and more sketches will post.


So it depends on whether enough is earned to have this story line, but a theme of the comic is things that are designed to protect, don’t work… That goes for condoms, they keep using them but by the time he cums they have shredded up and Harper gets full of her brothers cum repeatedly. (If the comic goes long enough to have the ending I want I want a cutaway to the store and one employee asking another if they took the condoms down for recall, the other says he forgot…).

Because of a real man, a Woodsman the queue remains at 25. I am at a complete loss of who to thank for this particular page there are so many that have given and I really should of written all this down, so just thanks to all of you for being awesome.


The queue is back up to 25 thanks to a big donation from T. I am losing track of who to thank, so apologize if I am out of order or forgetting to highlight someone… But these sketches comes curtesy of a certain Thunder God. A hammer isn’t the only thing getting pounded…


Again you all have T to thank for this sketch. Remember to donate to my Ko-fi to keep more sketches coming and extend the one shot (the other day passed the threshold to get the one shot to 5pgs total). Page 5 is where we will start to see something like the above sketch happen (with sex starting if the next 50$ line is crossed).


20 sketches still to come. This creampie  you have T to thank for.


Thanks to all that have shown this site some love and donated, this weekend had so many donations I decided to do 2 sketched pages today (counting this as 2 instead of 6) There are 21 more sketches in the queue. I think I fucked up the math when changing the meter last night, was barely awake when I realized I got a donation of 15. I know I should of been at least at 155 before that (because was at like 105 before starting this whole thing, and know hit the first 50 dollar threshold before this most recent donation…) So if someone remembers where it was at yesterday I will fix it.

With that said You have John to thank for the first page and T for the second.



The first of 2 sketches you have John to thank for. Also because of big donations from T and msquared another 17 days of sketches are coming (18 counting the tomorrow’s from John). I guess I am going to have to start doing a bunch more sketches 😉 (a good problem to have lol).



You have the great and mighty BA to thank for this sketch. If Ra is the sun god, BA is the butt god :D. Also John has stepped up and so the next 2 days are already covered, but there is always room for more awesome sketches, so don’t hesitate to show Harper how much you want to see her 2 smiles.


Again this sketch is due to the awesome support by msquared. No one has stepped up and covered the next donation yet… Who is going to be that HERO? 3$ to my Ko-fi is all it takes.


Today and tomorrow’s pages are both brought to you by the awesome Msquared. Remember if you donate new sketches are put up and also new pages are made for every 50$ collectively raised. So if you want to see finished versions of these sketches be sure to chip in.


You can thank Dondueed for this sketch. So far nobody has stepped up for tomorrow, so not sure if there will be a sketch or not. Think of it like tipping your waitress, I do far more than remembering whether it was regular or Diet Coke that you need refilled…

Everyone thank Opusthepoet for the first sketch. Tomorrow will be another one thanks to Dondueed.