As promised, if you guys commented a great deal I’d post this publicly. This was a commissioned comic by a lightning god. If you have been reading long enough to have seen the last version of the comic, the story ended with both Zoe and Abi pregnant from a wild night of sex with Damien and Tommy. Turns out Zoe was preggers with twins, Bathory and Alucard, or bat and dracula 😀 Zoe with her vampire obsession( I just posted a family portrait in the VIP section that expands the family further. 4 years later she gets impregnated by Tommy and names their daughter together Shadoe (or the female version of a shadow :D).

Bad news, had planned to pitch my Kofi to you guys saying you could commission me, then went to my kofi to get the link only to find they have deleted me and no longer allow porn. Fucking hell, every fuck step forward is 2 backwards. FUCK KOFI FUCK PATREON FUCK TUMBLR FUCK THEM ALL. I still got Sponsus but don’t think there is ways to just donate the way Kofi allowed. hell. That ruined an otherwise good night. Well hope you guys like the comic anyways.